Is the world ok as it is?

Today i became more aware of how myself and other people intervene and instruct, unintentionally interfere and also guide and help…

Intervening and instructing seem to be ways of teaching. For example guiding and instructing a person on how to successfully manage, control and cope with an environment.

Ideally of course we should all be constructing and managing environments (be it physically, socially or psychologically) so that they are helpful for ourselves and others. Than there is the chance of harmony and balance emerging which leads to health.

However if this was happening globally surely the motivation for this approach to living and also the desire to intervene with others through instructing, guiding and helping would all have to come from the belief that things were not ok as they were?

And for me this is a part of an ongoing dilemma…

Is the world ok as it is?

Are we heading in the right direction? If not could we just be in a lower vibrational energy phase right now? (think sine waves)

If so when was the higher phase? And should we be doing anything to intervene if we are in a lower phase?

One idea is that the cross over point was the year 0, When time, our system for recording and measuring change, began and that this was when the lower phase of our evolutionary cycle began…

Of course a lot of eastern approaches consider that our thoughts construct our worlds and so whatever comes from within (whatever is thought, imagined or wished for) can become reality but some (e.g. robert adams, Lao Tzu etc) mention in there quotes that there is a world beyond thought and time, a world which simply flows momentarily without structure or time, an effortlessly place where we can align with the larger motion of it all…

Perhaps it is this ‘flow beneath it all’…that holds the answers?

Perhaps if certain choices are made in the ways we live our lives we start to obtain a parallel with this flow, or a harmony of sorts?

What do you guys feel about all this?